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  • Surf Sock Black Fluro Yellow (Fluro Tiger)
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Surf Sock

Surf Sock (Black + Fluro Yellow)

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Surf Socks are an environmentally friendly way to help open water swimmers, triathletes and surfers get into their wetsuit fast.

They're the perfect accessory for open water swimmers, triathletes and surfers.

  • They're strong and durable
  • A great alternative to using plastic bags that break
  • Australian made from recycled sail material that would otherwise end up in a landfill
  • Dry quickly
  • Help to keep your wetsuit sand-free
  • Doubles as a great bag to store keys, phone or wax.

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Care instructions

To care for your Surf Sock simply rinse and hang to dry. If it gets really dirty brush it with a mild detergent and rinse. Do not put it in the dryer.