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Stability Snorkel :: FINIS Australia

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Designed to be used by any swimmer. By removing the head bracket and adding a cushioned resting spot in its place, swimmers can train with this snorkel for longer periods of time without discomfort. Swimming with a snorkel eliminates the need to turn the head for a breath, so swimmers can focus on technique and body position.

  • NO HEAD BRACKET: Simplified design is comfortable and stable
  • ADJUSTABLE MOUTHPIECE: Five adjustable positions for a customized fit
  • SIMPLE TO ADJUST: Head strap design similar to a goggle strap
  • SILICONE MOUTHPIECE:  Rotates away from the mouth when not in use
  • DYNAMIC SHAPE: Makes it easy to clear the tube of water

"Impressed. Manages to combine the two qualities of being both lightweight and strong.  Designed for comfort with a bracket free fitment. In the water all you really want to think about is the experience and improving performance. This snorkel is designed to help you regulate you breathing and develop the right approach to your breathing in combination with your swimming." - BRETTON GIRL

"Using this snorkel allows me to focus on my stroke and perfect this without having to worry about breathing. This can help my swim workout by varying drills to keep it entertaining." -  SUCCUBASHEAT

"Before receiving this stability snorkel I didn't have a lot of faith it would stay in place at speed. I reckoned it would wobble or come off altogether during flat-out sprints. I'm happy to announce that it stays in place beautifully and is so comfortable it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing it when it's on. I grew up competitive swimming, competed into my twenties, and still train in the water, so I was able to really put this snorkel through its paces." - SCOTTISH MANITOU 

Here is an review of how the FINIS Stability Snorkel delivers in the water...