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Mesh Gear Bag :: FINIS Australia

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Bag it up... ideally let your stuff dry first but if you need to roll, this really is your bag.

How will the FINIS Mesh Gear Bag make swimming life easier?

The Mesh Gear Bag is a convenient way to store all swim equipment. The Mesh Gear Bag is made of a durable nylon mesh material that lets air flow freely for fast drying, and includes a pull drawstring that securely closes the bag. The handy hook attachment means easy transportation and storage.

Here's how a FINIS Mesh Gear Bag can make swimming plain sailing:

    This drawstring nylon/polyester blended mesh bag is fast drying.  A small zip compartment to keep smaller items seperate.  A waterproof name tag helps identify bag and prevent theft. And best of all, it's machine-washable.