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Junior Swimmer's Snorkel :: FINIS Australia

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Does your junior swimmer struggle with their breathing?  There is a lot of multi-tasking when you first kick off - technique instructions, timing this with that and don't forget getting enough oxygen in and out!

Comfort: tick.  Efficiency: tick.  Better results: tick. Junior swimmers aged 8-12 will be able to swim like fish with this beauty.

Prepare to simply swim better by being able to breathe at will in the water. Our Australian-based stock is ready to ship Aussie-wide, across the ditch and around Asia so you can swim with oxygen on tap in a matter of days.

How can the FINIS Junior Snorkel help your swimming?

Having oxygen on tap makes swimming so much easier... which is why FINIS invented the Junior Swimmer's Snorkel. There is a lot to co-ordinate when you first start swimming seriously. Remembering all the different elements of technique at the same time as timing breathing can be daunting.  FINIS Junior Swimmer's Snorkel lets young swimmers breathe any time so they can focus on all that other stuff and learn to simply swim better. It's a genius device that works a treat for freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke and it even stays put for flipturns.

Here's why you should add the FINIS Junior Swimmer's Snorkel to your swim kit:

Using the FINIS Junior Swimmer's Snorkel means you are not always breathing on your dominant side so your stroke is naturally more balanced.
This is key for evening out the workload across both sides of the body to avoid over-loading, injury and strain like swimmer's shoulder.

Swimmers naturally pick their head up when swimming freestyle and youngsters are even more likely to pop up to check on their progress. Swimming with our faces pointed at the bottom of a pool goes against our natural instinct to keep an eye on where we are going. It’s not so much a bad habit as a matter of over-riding a human safety mechanism.

While using a snorkel won’t completely remove the need to pop up to find the wall, it does encourage swimmers to keep looking down.

Swimmers who rock their heads from side to side while swimming freestyle are in for a soggy surprise. Turning your head will dunk the tip of the snorkel into the water and it becomes like a straw.

This means a snorkel can help correct a wandering head and reinforce a straight-line from the top of your head to your ankles.

One of the most important aspects of fast swimming is keeping a straight body-line in the water. This includes keeping a straight head—something that the snorkel forces on you. It instills that propulsion comes from rotation of your hips and shoulders, and not wiggling your head around.

The comfortable mouthpiece is made from soft, flexible medical-grade silicone and there is an adjustable head bracket for quick strap adjustments and universal fit.  There is also a one-way purge valve to allow water out of tube.

It's awesome, but don't take our word for it:

"Oh, swimmers snorkel, where have you been all my life?  This device has totally changed my lap swimming experience.  I feel like Dory the fish and I can just keep swimming lap after lap." - KA

"Miracle in the pool - I can now swim laps.  Add me to the chorus of voices who gasped and spluttered their way to the wall in exhaustion before discovering the miracle snorkel cure.  I literally took it out of the package, slid it ovey my head, and promptly swam a half mile." - MG MCCARTNEY