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Freestyler Paddles :: FINIS Australia

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Keen to improve your freestyle? Need some speed? Prefer less shoulder pain?  Build some strength?  Increase your pull?  You can get all this from the FINIS Freestyler Paddles!

The patented hydrodynamic surfboard-shaped paddle decreases resistance through the water and lengthens each stroke.  Win, win, win.  They not only teach you how to get a better feel for the water but they help prevent cross over help you stay on track to get better results, faster.

You can get your hands on these beauties today. Our Australian-based stock is ready to ship Aussie-wide, across the ditch and around Asia.  You can have these stroke-changing paddles in your hot hands in a matter of days!

How can FINIS Freestyler Paddles improve my swimming?

Specifically designed for freestyle training, the Freestyler Hand Paddles plane the hand forward through the water, improving reach and distance-per-stroke. The patented skeg design also provides instant stroke feedback so you can make improvements every time you swim.  The design also reduces shoulder stress by preventing hand entry crossover that causes shoulder injury and the added resistance helps build strength.

Here's how you can swim better with FINIS Freestyler Paddles:

These paddles are great for those who tend to slip on their freestyle technique. Freestyler Paddles help swimmers feel fingertips down and lets them know when they are losing that position. The first step to correction is identifying the feel of the error. The Freestyler Paddle helps the swimmer both feel the error and feel doing it right.

With a long fin shape and unique skeg design, the Freestyler Hand Paddles promote a strong pull through, better hip-rotation and increased efficiency. An adjustable finger strap offers a perfect fit and the narrow surface area helps prevent shoulder strain.

We think swimmers explain the benefits of the Freestyler Paddles best:

"Excellent aid. Definitely helps improve stroke. I like doing drills with these and can feel improved technique afterwards. Recommend for anyone trying to either learn freestyle or improve their existing hand entry and stroke. Key components of improving swim."- JIM BUCKLEY

"These are great, I'm 5ft 2 and the junior size was perfect. They definitely help with my catch. They are quite hard work, but that helps when you revert to your full normal stroke. You'll feel like you're simply gliding through the water.
I use them when I begin to flag, and it helps retrain my technique." - T HENSMAN