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Foil Monofin :: FINIS Australia

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    This is the kind of fin you want to see plenty of in the water.  The Foil Monofin is proud to hit swimmers with a real kick.

    How will the FINIS Foil Monofin help my swimming?

    The proprietary combination of blade angle and hydrodynamic vents create a natural kick cycle with instant forward propulsion. These advanced fins have technique channels to control the flex of the fin and encourage proper undulation.  The open heel increases range of motion while the open toe space creates the most comfortable fit.   Add to that a large surface area that works the core and leg muscles more than standard fins.

    Here's how your swimming can kick up a level with the FINIS Foil Monofin:

      The Foil Monofin teaches the Foil Body Motion developed and made popular by Coach Bob Gillett. The Foil Body Motion utilizes entire body to create a powerful and undulating dolphin kick through the water. The Foil Monofin promotes an equal use of up and down kicks for propulsion throughout the entire dolphin kick movement, increasing core and leg strength. Natural rubber provides a secure and comfortable fit.

      Getting the right fin size is tricky - we don't recommend simply using your shoe size as brands vary and it is easy to confuse US, UK and Aussie sizes. 
      Use our helpful guide to measure your feet and select the right size fin...
      just click on the message bubble on the bottom right of the screen and it will pop up.

      If you have wider feet or are at the top end of a size bracket, we recommend sizing up.