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Foam Pull Buoy Sr :: FINIS Australia

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What is the secret to a strong upper body?  Getting your legs under control is a good start.  The Foam Pull Buoy Sr has it covered: build upper body strength by immobilizing your legs.

How will the Foam Pull Buoy help my swimming?

The Foam Pull Buoy immobilizes legs and provides lift to help build upper body strength and increase focus on correct hip rotation. The Foam Pull Buoy aligns the body from head to toe and improves symmetry.

Here's how your swimming can kick up a level with the FINIS Foam Pull Buoy:

    The FINIS Pull Buoy is a great training aid for developing upper body strength and building power in stroke. By neutralising the legs it enables the user to concentrate on technique and stroke.

    What do swimmers have to say? Can this build a better swimmer, yes it can!

    "Love this! Great training tool. Helped me complete a triathlon when i could hardly swim before. Helps build up confidence, muscle and the right technique.
    The colour is great seeing it at the side of the pool, to check no one has taken it.
    Lasting well." - LOUISE T


    "I used this for the first time today, never having used a pull buoy before, and found it really helpful. It had sufficient buoyancy to allow me to concentrate only on my breathing and arm stroke. I found it very comfortable and stayed in place without any effort." - MNIRS