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Foam Kickboard Sr :: FINIS Australia

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Ready to kick your form into touch?  The Foam Kickboard Sr is a sneaky device that improves leg strength by keeping your arms occupied.

    Why should I choose the FINIS kickboard?

    The kickboard is designed to decrease stress on the shoulders while allowing you to focus on your kick and lower body technique.

    What can the FINIS Foam Kickboard do for your swimming?

    Made from durable high density foam, FINIS Foam Kickboard is designed to help develop swimming technique. The hydrodynamic shape reduces drag through the water. The buoyant design will help encourage great technique and the EVA foam material that will not chafe or irritate the skin.

      Let's dive in and see what the squad think of the FINIS Foam Kickboard:

        "Very happy with the product. I love the colour first and foremost as it is cheery and fun. Secondly the size and design are perfect for me, an adult female to use in the water. Most importantly is that my legs are stronger after continued practice built into my swimming routine with the kick board. I have improved my front crawl and backstroke legs." - MERMAID MOLLY

        "Great value kickboard for the price. Much better than the alternatives from discount stores like Target/Kmart. Recommended." - RHYS

        "Decent quality kick board. Does exactly what it's meant to. Impressed with quality of it." - JUNKIE