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Bolt Goggles :: FINIS Australia

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What do you expect from a goggle?  Water-tight seal as well as comfort? Anti-fog lenses that are also durable? A good fit and a low drag design? With the Bolt you don't have to choose. These are race goggles are built to stick and be quick.

FINIS products are designed by swimmers for swimmers. We engineer a product, swim test, re-design, test again, tweak and then ask our team of Olympic swimmers to make sure products are the absolute best they can be.  From the functionality of silicone gaskets and anti-fog lenses to the flexibility of interchangeable nose pieces and a double head strap, Bolt swim googles have been FINISed!

You will see and feel the difference and the Bolt can be with you quick as a flash.  Our squad on the Gold Coast are ready to dispatch Aussie-wide, across the ditch and around Asia.

What should I choose FINIS Bolt goggles?

These slick low-profile lenses are designed for competition to reduce drag and increase speed. Silicone eye gasket provides added comfort and a watertight seal.  The result is the most comfortable competitive goggle designed for both practice and competition. The Bolt has three interchangeable nose pieces to accommodate all face shapes. The dual silicone straps is also designed to distribute pressure evenly around head for a comfortable fit.

Here's how to find the perfect lens for your FINIS Bolt swim goggles:

Clear Lens
A standard clear goggle lens lets in the most light. This will provide superb clear vision for indoor swimming and are especially good in low-light. Clear goggles are ideal for fitness, leisure swimming and competitions.
Suits: Fitness, Competition and Leisure Swimming.
Indoor use; Everyday swimming pools; Low-light and dimly-lit areas.

Mirrored lens
The eyes are the window to the soul so many swimmers like the psychological advantage mirrored lenses give them in competitions, but the main purpose of this lens is to reflect light away from the eyes and provide a darker view. Mirrored lenses are good for bright days and for open water swimming.
Suits: Racing, Fitness, Open Water Swimming and Triathlon
Sunny conditions. Open water. Bright, indoor pools.

Smoke Lens
Smoke goggle lenses help reduce brightness by creating a darker view when in bright indoor and outdoor swimming conditions. The darker tint is not suitable for low light or dimly-lit environments.
Suits: Fitness, Leisure and Competitive Swimming
Light and bright indoor pools. Sunny outdoor conditions.

FINIS Bolt goggles sure are flash but don't take our word for it:

"This is the first time I ordered Finis goggles. I have used a plethora of goggles till now, be it speedo biofuse, seals, etc but all of them aren't water tight neither can they resist fog for more than 10 minutes.  It is the BEST. No fogging after continuous use for 2 to 3 hours. Absolutely no pressure on eyes no water seepage . I have ordered 3 more for my family. I love Finis. Won't buy any other goggles ever in life." - AJ

"They stick to your face and don't move no matter what. They barely leave a mark on my face. No adjustment necessary. I've used other brands and Finis' goggles are number 1." - HAIPONERS

"Quick delivery of a very fine set of goggles. The anti-fogging coating last a good long while. I've tried many others. The Bolt does it for me. I'll buy no other." - MELVIN LINDSEY

Ready to Bolt?  Get FINIS, get faster.