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Alignment Kickboard :: FINIS Australia

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Are you looking for solid training tools to help fine-tune your stroke? What about one that won’t break the bank? Line up! The Alignment Kickboard will help knock you into shape.  The hydrodynamic design and stabilizing hand strap delivers complete control of the board without gripping, helping create perfect alignment from your tips to your toes.

You can get yourself in line and on track in days - our Aussies squad are ready to dispatch Australia-wide, across the ditch and around Asia.

How will the Alignment Kickboard help my swimming?

There is a hint in the title - the Alignment Kickboard is all about promoting a streamlined body position right from tip to toe.

The hand strap helps you control of the board without gripping it and this teaches you a proper streamlined position. It also has a smaller design which reduces pressure on the shoulders.

Here's how your swimming can kick up a level with the FINIS Alignment Kickboard:

    It is great for standard kicking, one arm drills and side kicking in all four swim strokes. When used properly, the Alignment Kickboard sits just below the waterline so swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking at an incline. When paired with a snorkel, the Alignment Kickboard encourages proper head alignment and improves overall technique.

    LEG IT.
    Legs are the whole point of using a kickboard and using a kickboard makes it harder to cheat using your arms. Launching yourself into a kick set with a board will increase overall fitness and speed capabilities of your kick, regardless of your stroke. And good leg conditioning means your stroke stays together longer, and helps you finish strong.

    By focusing exclusively on your lower body your shoulders get a nice little time-out. The pulling motion delivers the main propulsion for most of the strokes so beaching yourself on a kickboard gives your shoulders a very well deserved break.

    UP THE O2.
    When you are using a kickboard you can breathe freely. With no tricky timing, underwaters, turns or push-offs to limit oxygen intake you can go to work at a harder pace. How? Because you can suck in as much O2 as possible your muscles are fed a steady diet of oxygen to keep your legs going full noise.

    Hear what swimmers already on board with the Alignment Kickboard have to say:

    "These are so much better than the standard kick boards they are so much smaller and streamlined .. so with them not being as buoyant .. the swimmer doesn’t just sit on top of them above the water .. you need to work much harder to use them .. thereby giving the swimmer a better workout and uses and tones the arms and torso muscles" - AJ MARSHALL

    "All my boys swim and as most swimming parents know kit is important, great for turns and concentrating more on your legs (the whole idea of kick) as your shoulders lie lower in the water and thus better streamlined. Good for the guys who love kick or want to improve leg strength."