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Agility Paddle Floating :: FINIS Australia

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Keen to improve your technique? No matter what your stroke, stage or age, you can get honest feedback and instant improvements with the FINIS Agility Paddle.  FINIS' innovative hand paddle design not only teaches you how to get a better feel for the water - they can show you how to upgrade your technique from the very first time you use them.  By delivering a heads-up on what is happening with your technique every time you swim, Agility Paddle help you see better results, faster.

You can get your hands on these beauties today. Our Australian-based stock is ready to ship Aussie-wide, across the ditch and around Asia.  You can have these stroke-changing paddles in your hot hands in a matter of days! PS. The dots on the paddle show what size they are - an outline dot for extra small, one dot for small, two for medium and three for large.

What kind of results can you get from FINIS Agility Paddles?

The two main benefits to using Agility Paddles in training are building power or strength in the water and to help solidify good technique. The strapless design means if you don't maintain a proper stroke, the paddle warns you by shifting or falling off.  Once you get your technique right, the paddle stay on your hand and you feel the results.

Here’s how you can swim better with FINIS Agility Paddles:

One sure fire way to get sore shoulders is incorrect technique and the longer you swim with form that isn't spot on, the more likely you are to feel all kinds of pain.  The Agility Paddle tells you when your technique is slipping every stroke, every lap.  It simply won't let you get away with poor form which means they not only help you swim better but they help avoid repetitive strains.

When it comes to boosting strength and power, the Agility Paddle will help you nail it. When you perform the stroke as you would when racing, the paddle adds resistance to your stroke and that helps you power up and build strength.

Paddles help you go faster and it is when you are at speed you can really get a feel for how you are most efficient in the water, from keeping a rigid torso, to having an early catch. It's a great feeling!

Long, monotonous repeats of 500s  or whatever are still going to hurt but throwing in some paddles is one way to mix things up and keep you on your game mentally.

Paddles accentuate everything about the pulling motion. Your catch is stronger, the pulling motion is stronger so training with paddles helps you focus and tune those parts of your stroke.

Agility Paddles are great for all levels, from learn-to-swim to triathletes. Each paddle has a streamlined thumb hole that encourages proper hand placement.  The trick is to apply pressure with your palm to keep the paddle in place but not to actually grip the paddle. You will get instant stroke feedback after just one lap and this versatile tool works for every level of swimmer and all strokes.

Here is what swimmers using FINIS Agility Paddles say about their results:

"I have been swimming for years and have used a variety of training paddles - I LOVE these!  You can use them with all the strokes." - KATHY

"Brilliant... I should have invested years ago.  I finally caved in after loads of people saying I should get some of these to help improve my catch and pull, and I have to say I wish I had invested in them years ago. Don't get the ones with straps, it makes you lazy with your hand position - these are brilliant." - LAURA A TAYLOR

"These paddles have been very effective in refining my breaststroke as well as giving a better strength workout in the pool.  Would highly recommend." - MATSAH126

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